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Ladder Safety Training

The American Ladder Institute is pleased to announce the release of our newest training resource, the Multimedia Training Program, located at

The American Ladder Institute (ALI)

The American Ladder Institute is a national trade association whose mission is education of the public as to the proper selection, care and safe use of ladders. ALI is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved developer of industry standards. The ALI also represents the business interests of its membership, which is comprised of ladder manufacturers and component suppliers.

The ALI was formed in 1948, and has evolved along with the manufacturing industry. The ALI is a member of the National Safety Council, has recently partnered with the National Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) on safety research and is in the process of developing an online ladder safety training program. The ALI membership meets twice annually to exchange information and plan for future educational and programming opportunities to advance ladder safety. ALI develops seven ANSI standards currently, which are published according to a 5-year renewal cycle:

  • A14.1 - Wood Ladders
  • A14.2 - Portable Metal Ladders
  • A14.3 - Fixed Ladders
  • A14.4 - Job Made Wooden Ladders
  • A14.5 - Portable Reinforced Plastic Ladders
  • A14.7 - Mobile Ladder Stands and Mobile Ladder Stand Platforms
  • A14.8 - Ladder Accessories
  • A14.9 - Disappearing Attic Stairways 

You are viewing Ladder, the ALI’s newest training resource for safe ladder use. The material presented here is intended to appeal to all audiences, from professionals that work in the construction trades to consumers who use ladders in their homes. The information on this site is organized by ladder type, with additional resources listed for more technical support. A link to the American Ladder Institute website is available; we welcome you to view both sites for valuable safety information.

Your feedback is much appreciated on how the ALI can provide additional safety resources. Please note that the ALI does not endorse or recommend any product.